Extended Learning Opportunities

Independent Study

Independent Studies are courses created by the student under the supervision of a faculty mentor. The student creates a course syllabus identifying the curriculum they hope to master and the means by which they will be assessed. Courses can be designed as a half or full credit and are weighted at either the general or CP level.

Approval forms are available in the Counseling Office or through this link - Independent Study Application

Work Study

Work Study opportunities are available to students in all academic departments as well as Food Service, Maintenance, and the Library. Students securing a Work Study are under the supervision of personnel in each department and can receive a half or full credit. Work Studies allow credit but are not graded. Work Study contract forms for the various departments can be found in the Counseling Office.


Under certain circumstances, students may be allowed to participate in an off-site internship for which they secure high school credit. The off-site placement and program must be pre-approved, including approval by the NH Department of Labor. The off-site supervisor oversees the student’s work in collaboration with the ELO coordinator. Information and application forms are available in the Counseling Office.

Early College

The New Hampshire Community College system will be offering Early College at all of their campuses. Early College allows a high school student to take any college course (for which they’re eligible) on the college campus at half the usual tuition rate. Information about Early College is available in the Counseling Office and on each community college’s website. Students securing college credits secured through Early College also are awarded a high school credit for each course successfully completed.


The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School offers a wide variety of high school credit bearing online courses for NH students at no cost. Students may also take college credit courses taught by a community college or Southern New Hampshire University professors at a significantly reduced cost ($100-$150). These dual credit courses award a student both high school and college credit.

A list of the courses available and instructions for applying are available at: https://vlacs.org/

Required forms are available in the Counseling Office or through the following link:

VLACS, E-Start, SNHU Courses - Alternative Credit Application

Additional Opportunities

Online high school credit bearing courses are available through the American School. This accredited program offers multiple high school courses to students. Costs for individual courses typically range from $150-$300.

Information and instructions to apply to a class can be found at: http://www.americanschoolofcorr.com/

Competency-Based Credit

Students may earn credit by demonstrating mastery of course competencies through a rigorous assessment process that varies among disciplines per New Hampshire state regulations. Students who are confident that they have already mastered the competencies for a particular course can discuss the process with their counselor.

Students may also be eligible to take CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams in order to secure college credit. This series of 33 exams allows a student to demonstrate their mastery of college level material in an assessment offered for a nominal cost. CLEP credit is accepted at 2900 colleges across the country. More information can be found at https:clep.collegeboard.org/