Community Service

The mission of the Community Service Project is to widen the educational experience of PMHS students. It provides the opportunity for students to learn valuable life lessons outside of the classroom while cultivating a sense of respect and responsibility for themselves, the school, and their surrounding communities.
  • All students must complete at least 30 hours of community service in order to graduate.
  • Senior privileges will not be awarded until community service has been completed. Appropriate adjustments will be made for students who transfer into PMHS. 
  • Guidelines for what types of activities ARE and ARE NOT considered Community Service can be found in the link at the upper right of this page titled: PMHS Community Service Guidelines. 
  • If students have their own ideas for a community service project, they must have it approved by the council before they perform the activity. 
  • Students must complete an Activity Proposal Form to see if their plan is accepted. Students are encouraged to look for projects that involve one-on-one interaction with community members.
  • A list of approved opportunities for community service will be at the students’ disposal.
  • After students have completed community service hours, they must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive credit.
  • Students must correctly fill out a Certificate of Active Participation, complete with verification signatures from the supervisor of the activity and a parent or guardian. That form can be opened and printed out by clicking the link in the upper right column titled: Certificate of Active Participation.
  • This form must be returned to the Community Service advisor, or to the front desk at the Main Office.  Student progress will be recorded. 
  • The Community Service advisor reserves the right to contact any activity supervisors for any reason.
  • To help ensure student safety, parental permission is required on all community service related documents.
  • A record of student progress will be included report cards.