Welcome to the Prospect Mountain High School Title I Page

Title 1 is a federally funded program with a goal to bring all students to high levels of achievement. This supplemental instruction is in cooperation and coordination with the student’s regular education program.

The Prospect Mountain Title 1 program is using a English Literacy Program founded out of Boys Town in Omaha, NE and providing tutoring during the school year for literacy and math by highly qualified teachers.

Exploration Literacy, formally known as Reading is FAME, was developed at Girls and Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska.  It is a reading program that helps adolescent readers gain up to two years growth in their reading abilities.  Students’ vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills increase so that they can succeed in the other classes they are taking.  It also helps to build confidence in the students so they are willing to try the reading that is required in the other classes.

It  is divided into four programs F-Foundations, A-Adventures, M-Mastery, and E-Explorations.  At the high school students are enrolled in Mastery and Explorations.  These programs work on on advanced vocabulary skills, comprehension, and research skills.


Lois Stevens 
Director of Special Services
Title 1/504 Coordinator


603-875-3800 X 3144


Luke LaFreniere

Title I Tutor


(603) 875-3800 x2220


Patrice Comeau

Title I Teacher


(603) 875-3800  x2252


James Sophinos

Title I Tutor


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