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Mission Statement

The mission of the Prospect Mountain High School community is to personalize education in order to maximize individual success.


Our mission statement here at Prospect Mountain High School has evolved over the years to meet the changing demands of our student body. These changes also represent the demands of the community as a whole. Our mission statement puts an emphasis on the student, and meeting his or her individual needs through personalization.



Our Academic Expectations for student learning


  • Apply mathematical and scientific processes and concepts
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively and appropriately
  • Establish strategies and practices which promote personal wellness.
  • Exercise critical and creative problem solving
  • Create and perform with in-depth application of the fine arts.
  • Utilize a variety of technologies



Our Civic/Social Expectations for student learning


  • Demonstrate personal responsibility and practice basic principles of citizenship in a democracy
  • Practice civil, non-violent methods of communicating differences in resolving conflicts
  • Respect individual differences



Vision Statement


The vision of Prospect Mountain High School is to be a collaborative educational community that provides constantly evolving 21st century learning for all.