We take students' privacy very seriously!

At Prospect Mountain we realize there is great potential in taking part in the connected world. We also realize that many of these tools can compromise our students' privacy. It is for this reason that we attempt to analyze and vet any electronic tool that our students might be asked to use. At the recommendation of the U.S. Department of Education, we have established a committee to help with this process. 

How does Prospect Mountain keep my student's data private?

All faculty and staff are trained yearly and as needed on FERPA policy and best practices.

To learn more about FERPA and your students privacy visit

PTF (Privacy Task Force)
This committee is responsible for vetting each and every app / digital tool that our students are asked to utilize in class. Our teachers are asked to submit any new tool they wish to utilize to the PTF for review. The PTF then reviews and documents the terms and conditions and privacy policy to ensure reasonable safety measures are in place before a tool is used with students. Once a tool has been approved or denied for use, the teacher is notified.  The committee also periodically checks each tool for changes in these policies.

If you have questions or concerns about student privacy, please contact our privacy task force at

PMHS Approved \Rejected Apps