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Director of Counseling & Student Services
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Laurie Maheu

Social Worker
Local Homeless Liaison
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Administrative Assistant
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In our mission to personalize education for our students, PMHS offers multiple programs which students can access to secure alternative credits. These Extended Learning Opportunities include but are not limited to: Independent Studies, onsite Work Studies, Internships in the community, competency assessments, online courses, and courses taken on college campuses. Depending on the program chosen, a student can secure both high school and college credit. Interested students should meet with their counselor to discuss each option and review the application process.

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Given the high cost of college and the prevalence of staggering college loan debt, the PMHS Counseling Department encourages capable students to consider securing college credit while still in high school. There are multiple programs available which allow high school students to secure college credit at a significantly reduced cost, affording students the opportunity to get a college degree in fewer years, thus minimizing college costs/debt. These programs are dual credit in that they provide a chance to get both high school and college credit from the class. Some classes can satisfy specific PMHS graduation requirement as well. Below are some of the opportunities available to our students. If you have questions about any of these options, please see your counselor.



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